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 MSMI St. Mary’s Public school koomully started its journey in the year 2010 with the great vision of Late. Msgr C.J Varkey the founder of MSMI congregation.

  The school continue its journey with 340 enthusiastic students and 33 dedicated staff. We have got CBSE affiliation in 2021 and the 1st batch is getting ready to write public examination.

  MSMI St. Mary’s compound, became active and lovely, with the cheerful presence of students, on 1st June 2023. An enthusiastic inaugural ceremony, instilled a spirit of joy and eagerness in all of us. “Better environment, better tomorrow”. June 5th environment day was marked with various activities like “go green breath clean’, placards preparation, planting trees, plants etc.

  The new students were welcomed to the world of education and knowledge in a gracious and prayerful atmosphere on 6th June 2023. In the present world of mass media, as everyone lost interest in reading, the school observed a week as Reading week. Visiting public library, writing book reviews, reading competitions etc, helped the students to improve their reading skills.

  “A good teacher is a good learner”. Staying updated is the key to success in the process of education. Our teachers constantly strive to attend capacity building programme and other training sessions organized by CBSE online and offline. A seminar cum workshop was organized in the school in the month of May to refresh and energize the staff of the institution.

  A day is set apart to elect skilled and quality leaders among the students. Mock polling booth and ballet papers infused firsthand experience towards the election process. Master Vignesh Chandran, and Vaiga.K elected as Head boy and Head girl respectively, followed by other office bearers also were selected. A remarkable investiture ceremony was conducted on 21st July. Manager Sr. Bennet and Principal Sr.Jincy vested, powers to the newly elected office bearers and inaugurated the co-curricular activities of the year.

  Anti drug rally was organized, to spread awareness and to strengthen action & co-operation, in achieving a world, free of drug abuse.

  Basheer day was marked with various competitions such as drawing, cartoons introducing basher characters etc.

  PTA plays an important role in the success of our institution. Mr. Dineesh Kumar is selected as PTA president and Mrs. Shakkira as Vice president in this academic year. Class PTA and general PTA were conducted. Dr. Sr. Praseena MSMI provided new insight towards parenting in the modern world.

  ‘India is my country’….. Yes, pledge became alive when Sri. Dinan Raghav Sir, who served a life time in the Indian Army, repeated those words on independence day after hoisting the National flag.

  Onam, the official festival of our state was celebrated in our school with a spectrum of cultural events and competitions.

  An array of surprising events were arranged by the students to honour and entertain the teachers on Teachers day. Students expressed their gratitude and love through cultural programme, greeting cards, cutting cake etc.

  Talents day is the day to embrace unique abilities and to showcase those hidden talents and instill the feeling of self worth. Participating in Sahodaya competitions was a unique experience to the students. A new world of opportunity unveiled in front of us. 56 students participated in the field of arts, sports and games and the remarkable performances were recognized with prizes and grades.

  “Best out of waste”, a craft making competition was a blend of learning and entertainment to all students.

  As part of SEWA,-Social empowerment through work education and action- students of 9th & 10th , along with their teachers, visited Sneha Bhavan an old age home. Each minute we spend with them was memorable. Our principal challenged us, not allow any of our parents or grand parents, to be visited by students in old age homes.

  We got a golden opportunity to exhibit our talents in Kochu TV. Our beloved Sinku’s presence in the school, gave us wonder and joy.

  We the students of MSMI St. Mary’s, could not cease wonder, the way our teachers arranged children’s day with various entertainments.

  Our students got an excellent result for different competitions held at state / National and International levels.

  In National Abacus Competition held in September we got many prizes.

  And Isha Mehabin of class V secured Ist position in International Abacus competition.

  Elvin Eeshwar of class IV got silver and Bronze medal for Kerala Kickboxing competition in two separate competitions. Sathwika of class IV won medal in National level Kickboxing competition and selected to the international level competition. Shibily of class II secured championship in Karate Competition.

  ‘Health is wealth’

  Health check up and medical camps for students and staff were conducted to keep everyone healthy.

  We are grateful to the management for their concern towards us. We have got a beautiful assembly ground in front of the school building and the extension was done on the main play ground.

  School sports meet held on 2nd of December, began with a march past under the leadership of four house captains. Entire students participated in various track and field events as well as games. This exciting day ended with prize distribution.

  To conclude, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped us to achieve this success. MSMI St. Mary’s Public School is a world of knowledge, and a place of love and care. Under the protection of St. Mary, we St. Marian’s live a life of learning, sharing and caring. Let the Almighty God lead us ahead with good health and wisdom.