Our school Curriculum is the combination of instructional practices, learning experiences, and students' performance assessment that are designed to bring out and evaluate the target learning outcome. Our aim is to develop knowledge and skills of our students. The process includes the units and lessons that teachers teach, the assignments and projects given to students, the books, materials, videos, presentations; and the tests, assessments, and other methods used to evaluate student learning.

The main focus of our teachers is

  1. To improve students’ academic performance.

  2. To instill students with intrinsic motivation to learn.

  3. To assist the students to reach their academic and behavioral norms and goals.

  4. To instill Positive Action principles into students’ cognitive, affective and behavioral learning domains.

  5. To contribute to the teaching and achieving of core performance standards and outcomes.

  6. To develop students’ character.

  7. To develop good personality of our students: including physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

  8. To develop thinking skills.

The academic year divided into two semesters.

Semester I

  1. Semester 1 starts from the 1st working day of June to the month of October.

  2. We conduct two periodic tests and one semester exam in the 1st semester.

  3. We also consider the marks of assignment and projects which are related to each subject also consider the maintaining of notebooks and the students.

Evaluation Method
July Periodic Test 1
August Periodic Test 2
September Semester I

Semester II

  1. Semester II starts from the 1st day of November to March 31st.

  2. We conduct two periodic tests and one semester exam in this semester.

  3. We consider the assignments, project and note book marks to evaluate the students in second semester also.

  4. We produce evaluation of reports at the end of each semester.

Evaluation Method
December Periodic Test 3
February Periodic Test 4
March Semester II

Lesson Plan

  1. Lesson plan is a teachers’ daily guide for what students read to learn, how it will be taught, and how learning will be measured.

  2. We follow lesson plan to take the classes for each subject. Our lesson plan includes curriculam objectives suggested class room activities, learning aids suggested teaching procedure, value based activity and review by section supervisor or principal.

Structural Plan

Class: ---------------
Topic: ---------------
Date: ----------------
From: ----------------
Subject: --------------
Period: ---------------
To: -------------------
Curriculam Objectives :
Suggested Classroom activities :
Learning aids :
Suggested Teaching Procedure :
Value based activity :
Review by section supervisor/Principal :

1. Curriculam Objective

Curriculam objective is a measurable term that describes what the learner willknow and be able to do after completing a lesson. Curriculam objective should be feasible for the teachers and learners to accomplish to the certain knowledge, skills and attitudes related with the subject.

2. Suggested Classroom Activities

Teacher asks the students to do the activities which is related to the syllabus. Let the students to find out the particular terms from the text book and make the students to prepare chart. Let the students to complete the puzzles, conducting quizzes doing interactive games which improve students spelling and subject knowledge.

3. Learning Aids

The aids used by the teacher in the classroom to make the teaching more understanding and effectively are known as the teaching learning materials or teaching aids. It can be big or small and can be bought or made easily by both the teacher or students. The learning aids includes written materials, visualizations, charts, diagrams, processes, strategies or any other appropriate item related to the subject.

4. Suggested Teaching Procedure

Identify the learning objectives Teachers can plan to access student understanding. Teachers make a plan for a lesson closure.

5. Value based Activities

The purpose of the value based activity is for students to get a better idea what they believe compared to what others in the class. Teachers can mould the behaviour of the students through telling the moral values. Make the student as a better human being in the society. Make the students aware about the current affairs. Let the students to find out their own problems and ask them to overcome such situations by themselves. Make the students mentally strong and give problem solving capacity.